Culture insight study at CityKidz

14 November 2020

Our staff were fortunate to have the services of Gordon Cook. He conducted a culture insight study at CityKidz and conducted uplifting workshops with the SMT and staff.

Prizegiving after the Causematch fundraise

14 November 2020

On Monday staff had a prizegiving after the Causematch fundraiser. Mrs Kagan raised the most funds among the teachers, Miss Blokker and Mrs King were runners up and received Wonderbags. Mrs Dudu Moyo and Mr Lewis also received a gift for all their hard work organising the event.

Grade 7 Entrepreneurs Day

07 November 2020

The Grade 7 Classes of 2020 presented stunning Entrepreneurs' Days on Friday, 30th October (Group B) and the 06th November (Group A ) in the Funky Factory.

CauseMatch Fundraiser

30 October 2020

Over the past few weeks CityKidz has been collaborating with Causematch with the goal of filling the funding gap created by the COVID-19 Pandemic. A string of zoom meetings set the ball rolling and soon after that the beautiful Causematch video was filmed.

Grade 7 Entreprener's Day

19 October 2020

The Grade 7 learners have been assigned a project in Economic Management Science (EMS) where they must showcase their entrepreneurship skills and test their business acumen.

Spring fun in the Funky Factory

03 September 2020

Spring fun in the Funky Factory.

Our Funky Factory is the perfect indoor venue! It's fun and colourful and our learners just love it. Everyone dressed up to match for Srping.

Thanks to all parents, staff and children for bringing sunshine and warmth to our chilly cold day!

Wacky Wednesday

26 August 2020
Today learners and staff put their best Wacky foot forward for our first Wacky Wednesday. Smiles, giggles and good humour have been the order of the day.