Career Day - Grade 7

28 October 2017
grade 7 career day

The Grade 7’s  participated in Career Day last Friday. The objective of this day is to provide CityKidz learners with a dynamic and tangible experience that facilitates a connection between their academic pursuits and potential professional endeavours in the future. It   encourages learners to explore their interests and passions as an extension of a component within the Life Orientation curriculum and in the process better understand themselves, their community, and the world.

People work for different reasons. People work to fulfil their needs. Ultimately, people need work to become part of a group and an important member of society. We also work to gain knowledge and skills and to use our abilities to meet new challenges. People all need to work in order to become productive members of society. We all need to understand the value of working and persevere in achieving set goals.

Some people work because they want to; others work because they have to. We need to work towards choosing a career that will fulfil our needs and give us job satisfaction. Some people work in order to gain status, self-esteem and financial independence. Others work because it is a calling and they want to provide a service; financial gain is not a priority. You should aim towards choosing work or a career that will give you job satisfaction. Try to avoid seeing work as something that is a duty, or only a means of earning money, or a form of punishment. You need to strive to find personal satisfaction and enjoyment from your choice of work.