Fun at the Novelty Sports Day

15 September 2019
sports day 2019

Our Super Fun Novelty Sports Day at Wits Education Campus (St Andrews Road) yesterday was a huge success. Our parents and children came out in their numbers to support his/her Grade. Each Grade member wore a coloured bandana to show the grade to which he/she belonged.The Fun day started off rather chilly, but by 10h30 the sun was bursting through the clouds. It was a great spectacle with plenty of fun for learners and families. 

The yummy refreshments and DJ Mauzah kept the vibe going throughout the day.

The team events included: 

  • Space hoppers and cones;
  • Bean bag toss,cones,baskets and tables;
  • Egg and Spoon Relay Race;
  • Hockey Stick Relay Races;
  • Sack Relay Race; 
  • Clutch the beach ball;
  • Clutch and drop ball;
  • Frisbee Noodle Relay;
  • Decorate the Tree Relay Race;
  • Hula Hoops and water relay;
  • Pass the water buckets;
  • Skipping race around obstacles;
  • Dunking Heads relay race; 
  • Roll the ball-pins;
  • Three legged race;
  • Bean bag and hula hoop toss;
  • Pass and fill water bucket;
  • Car Wash Relay.

The children had an exciting time participating in all the races, they performed amazingly and their teachers and parents were very proud of their achievements. 
While the team events were taking place each Grade had two opportunities to complete the Obstacle Courses, which ranged in degree of difficulty.
It really was a day filled with fun team events. The day ended with the Parents Tug o War and Balloon Pop Obstacle Course races.

The winning classes were in FP- Grade 3- Pink and in SP Grade 4- Red.

A huge thank you to our teaching staff for their commitment, motivation and ensuring that the event ran so smoothly. They definitely went all out to create Grade Team Spirit! A special thank you to our maintenance and support staff for ensuring that tasty food was readily available.A big thank you to our amazing parents for supporting and cheering on the children. Our Novelty Sports Day was definitely one of the highlights in the school calendar for our children and their families.