Beautifying with a mural

04 July 2023

Thank you very much to Samantha Celliers who created the most amazing wall mural.

Spelling Bee 2023

23 June 2023

In a world characterised by technological advancements and rapid communication, the significance of language skills cannot be overstated.

We are halfway there!

15 June 2023

PET FOOD!!! We are half way there! The amount of food collected is awesome.... And the winning class is:

1A - they brought in 115 tins of food!!!

Civvies Crazy-Socks Day

15 June 2023

CityKidz NEVER DISAPPOINTS !!!! Civvies day is always an exciting time for our learners and today was extra special for our school, as all our learners showed their support for a good cause.

Celebrating Africa Day

27 May 2023

What better way to unite a diverse school community than through eating, dancing and dress? This is how African culture best express themselves.

Leadership camp at Konka Family Adventure Resort

01 May 2023

Our Grade 7 learners had the opportunity to attend a leadership camp at Konka Family Adventure Resort. Konka is a 2 hour bus trip from Johannesburg and is situated in a picturesque natural setting surrounded by bush and mountains.

Grade 3 trip to the Lion and Safari Park

01 May 2023

Our annual Grade 3 trip to the Lion and Safari Park never disappoints. There is never a dull moment throughout the day.