07 September 2014

Our children are taught that in Mathematics every problem has a solution. The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics.


07 September 2014

CityKidz learners are taught how to use the creative process - singing, writing, ART and dance to get to know themselves better.

Creating ART pieces allows learners to experience a sense of achievement and enjoy the creative process.

Grade 4 - Dedication to Nelson Mandela

22 August 2014
Grade 4 dedication to Nelson Mandela

The Grade 4's have chosen a theme about Nelson Mandela because we have just commemorated his birthday in July.

Grade 3 Activities

22 August 2014

In Grade 3 Mrs Dube and Mrs Ndlovu try to instil a thirst for knowledge amongst their learners. The inquisitive group of learners love to gain as much information about the world around them.

Grade 7 Art work with Mrs Gwara

17 August 2014

Grade 7 learners created collages to depict CityLife. Mrs Gwara provided guidance and showed them different art techniques.

Solid foundation

08 August 2014

CityKidz 's vision is to create a solid foundation that will sustain a learner from Grade One up to tertiary level.

Creativity in Grade R

28 July 2014

The formative years before primary school are vital for the establishment of a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle that sets you onto the path of growth and development as you progress towards adulthood. It is important to set a solid foundation during this time to encourage life-long learning.