Coronavirus - reopening of schools

20 May 2020

I’m certain you and your families have been anxious to know how the rest of the school year will unfold. We are delighted that the prospect of school reopening is now a reality and we can adopt a clear and concise approach to all future learning.

Funky Face Mask Competition Winners

15 May 2020

Congratulations to Rutendo Nyamadzawo you are the WINNER!!! Your mask blew the judges away, earning you first place!

Funky Face Mask Competition

08 May 2020

CityKidz had a Funky Face Mask competition to see who could come up with the funkiest face masks. 

We had lots of entries and they were all amazing. Some focused on being practical whilst others had more of a creative approach.

Lessons are continuing remotely

28 April 2020

The lockdown will not get us down! CityKidz teachers and learners are working remotely. We have embraced technology to reach our learners, from the youngest to the oldest and everyone is enjoying it.

Lockdown Day 14

10 April 2020

Let's go CityKidz! Our main priority as a nation is to stay safe and help each other.  

Lockdown Day 10

05 April 2020

Even as the lockdown continues our teachers are still active. They are engaging with the learners and parents via Facebook and Whatsapp.

Jungle Book at the Jo'burg People’s theatre

12 March 2020

Monday 2 March 2020 was a day to remember for our Grade 6s at CityKidz. They were afforded to the opportunity to watch the children's show "Jungle Book" at the Jo'burg People’s theatre.  The children were excited to attend the show. Everyone was talking about it on our way to the theatre.