SEARTEC – Donates Calculators

05 June 2015

We were thrilled when Tal Moore from Seartec contacted us in connection with a project called the Seartec School of the Month initiative. They choose a school they feel is deserving of receiving 40 of their latest scientific calculators for the school to use.

The great thing about the calculator, particularly at primary school level is that it has a  function called drill mode where students can practice their mental maths on the calculator. Essentially, the student will be asked a mental math question, the student must then type in the answer and press equals. The calculator will then mark the question either correct or incorrect. If the answer was incorrect, the question will be repeated. At the end of the set of questions, the student will also be able to see their mark and percentage. The Mathematics department will definitely enjoy teaching our learners on how to use these calculators and obtain maximum benefit during Maths lessons.