Our bright star at the Life Skills Quiz Competition

18 October 2023

For the past couple of months our very own Ndalo Malobane shone like a bright star at the Life Skills Quiz Competition, at both Cluster and District level.

Spring day celebrations and palette competition

02 September 2023

The week before the competition there was a buzz and hum of activity: sawing, sanding, chopping, nailing and painting. Everywhere you looked teachers, parents, learners and family members were as busy as bees.

Wag 'n Bietjie trip Grade 4

22 August 2023

In a meeting of the school principal and the grade four team of teachers, earlier in the year, concerns were raised about the seemingly negative impact of COVID restrictions on the current group of Grade 4s, who spent a greater part of the year at home, in their crucial year of development.

Welcome Bentley!

14 August 2023

Our beloved Boris suffered from a long and serious illness, and we know that he can never be replaced. Malume Andy and his son Wesley were so concerned about the loss of our dear pet Boris that they decided to gift us with a little puppy.

Mad Hatters civvies day

14 August 2023

CityKidz's Mad Hatters civvies day was themed after the Mad Hatter from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Just like the Mad Hatter who is known for his eccentric personality children arrived wearing the most magnificent, colourful and creative hats.

ISASA visits CityKidz

24 July 2023

ISASA (of which CityKidz is a member) requested to showcase CityKidz to their international delegates that have come for an international conference.

Maintenance and restoration during the holiday

17 July 2023

Helping to shape, develop, and educate children’s minds happens not only inside a classroom but also within the school environment. Making sure that the environment where teachers help children grow is well taken care of is part and parcel of our children’s development.