Drummies coaching session with Mr Damean Tibbets

19 October 2019
Drummies Practice

On Saturday the 19th October our Grade 1 and Grade 2, prospective drummies, were looking forward to a day of participating in a coaching session with Mr Damean Tibbets. Mr Damean Tibetts is the development officer for Gauteng Majorette and Cheerleading Association (G.M.C.A).

Our squad consisting of 35 girls, accompanied by, Mrs Sane Moyo and Miss Christabel Nengasha, met at CityKidz before departing, by bus at 8.30, to Bernard Isaacs Primary in Coronationville. On arrival, they were warmly welcomed by Damean. The squad took their positions straight away and Damean began teaching them many skills such as, jumps and stretches. He was impressed by the girls’ enthusiasm. They seemed to have grasped the kick and lift skill quicker than he had thought. Marching with pom-poms and learning how to hold a flag was particularly enjoyable for them. The girls braved the heatwave, that saw temperatures soaring above 30 degrees. It was essential to have several water breaks to keep hydrated, we even had an ice cream break which the girls enjoyed. While the team was having lunch, they enjoyed watching the coach of the day twirling a baton and marching simultaneously. They thanked Damean for graciously sharing his skills.

We finished our skills workshop at 14.00 and embarked on our journey back to school. Learners were well disciplined throughout the day and even had the energy to burst into song on the way home. This team spirit is one of the main criteria needed to be part of a successful squad. There's nothing quite like the camaraderie on a drill, twirl or majorette team. It was every girl's dream to work hard, be the queen of the squad and learn how to twirl the baton one day. We are hoping that our girls will be able to build memories that will last a lifetime. Once again, a big thank you to Damean and Bernard Isaacs Primary for hosting us. We hope to work on our dream of participating in the Parade league next year.