Learner's Code of Conduct




While it is a learner’s right to receive an education and while CityKidz Pre & Primary School will strive to provide the top quality educational opportunities our community has come to expect, it is important that learners acknowledge their responsibilities to themselves, their fellow learner’s, their teachers, other staff members and the School. Effective discipline is directly dependent upon the limits set by a code of acceptable behaviour.

The School’s Code of Conduct for Learners is based on fostering a culture of mutual respect in an orderly, clean and safe environment. The school rules are straightforward and we expect both parents and learners to be familiar with them.

This Code of Conduct for Learners serves as a general guide for the standards of behaviour expected of CityKidz Learners. (Refer to School Uniform Policy with regard to standards of appearance and Playground Duty Policy).

Each Learner is expected not only to conform to these standards, but also to assist the staff in ensuring that all learners conform to them. Learners are expected at all times to be loyal and to uphold the honour of our school.

Our School aims to provide a warm, supportive environment, conducive to the attainment of academic excellence, high moral standards, spiritual growth, social and cultural awareness and good physical health. We will provide a vibrant academic atmosphere, in which every learner is valued as an individual, challenged as a learner and inspired to contribute to society.


A Code of Conduct is necessary in our school community to realize the educational objectives of the school. The Code of Conduct for Learners is to promote positive discipline, self-discipline and exemplary conduct, as learners learn by observation and experience.

The Code of Conduct for Learners must inform the learners of the way in which they should conduct themselves at a school in preparation for their conduct and safety in civil society.

It must set a standard of moral behaviour for learners and equip them with the expertise, knowledge and skills they would be expected to display as worthy and responsible citizens. It must promote the civic responsibilities of the school and it must develop leadership.

The main focus of the Code of Conduct for Learners must reflect positive discipline.

It must be not be punitive and punishment oriented, but helps bring about constructive learning and ways in which to modify behaviour.

Pledge of behaviour from each CityKidz learner which will promote healthy relationships:

I belong to CityKidz Primary School. I am proud of my school and I take care of my school.


  1. I greet my Principal, teachers, secretaries and visitors to our school.
  2. I help them carry baskets and books.
  3. I am polite to my classmates.
  4. I keep quiet while my teacher is talking.
  5. I remember to say “Please and Thank you”.
  6. I do not interrupt a conversation.
  7. I speak politely to all teachers, at all times.
  8. I am polite to prefects and I am polite to and greet maintenance staff.
  9. I only speak kind words to others.
  10. I keep quiet in assembly.
  11. I display the necessary respect towards the prefects.
  12. I take pride in my dress, actions and thoughts.
  13. I am friendly, courteous and tolerant towards others.


  1. I listen to my teacher.
  2. I raise my hand if I need attention, I don’t shout out, I work quietly.
  3. I keep my classroom neat and pick up all litter. I place all litter in refuse bins.
  4. I respect books, learning material and furniture e.g. computers, radios, TVs, may not be used without permission and/or supervision.
  5. I don’t touch other people’s property.
  6. I bring my own stationery to school.
  7. I am punctual for all classes because it avoids disruptions and protects the right of others to learn without being disturbed.
  8. I bring a note explaining why I was absent from school on returning to School.
  9. I accept responsibility for my actions.
  10. I know that I may not bring any toys to school, e.g. water pistols, fireworks, electronic games, etc.
  11. If I need to go to the toilet I have to ask for a toilet pass from the teacher and bring it back. I know that one person at a time is allowed to leave the classroom to go to the toilet.


  1. I have pride in the presentation of each piece of work I complete.
  2. I treat all books with care and consideration.
  3. My exercise books are treated with respect and are kept in a good condition.
  4. All my books are labelled and covered in plastic.
  5. I aim to produce the highest standards of work

My books

  1. I always try to complete my work neatly and legibly.
  2. I don’t doodle, scribble or deface any book.
  3. I produce pleasing work to get a credit in my Behaviour Bank and try to be a positive role model.
  4. I use all the pages consecutively in exercise books to avoid blank pages being visible.
  5. I rule off after each piece of work. I make sure that half pages in exercise books should not be left.
  6. When I hand in my books I make sure that they are laid flat on a shelf or the desk, as this avoids curling/bending.
  7. I know that I must not to bend the pages/corners of my exercise books.
  8. I must cover all my exercise books textbooks in transparent plastic. Label them neatly with my first name and then surname, my Grade and Learning Area or subject.
  9. I must always have my own stationery and equipment. Lending from my classmates disrupts the lessons.
  10. I write a heading in my book next to the margin in the next line. I underline the heading and date with a ruler.
  11. I always date my work next to the margin on the left hand side. In English and all the other subjects I write the date out in full: 10th May 2014.
  12. In Mathematics I write the numerical short date. 10/05/2014. I make sure that the Exercise and Page number is also written. I number my sums and sentences at the beginning of the line, next to the margin.
  13. All my written work must be done in blue pen
  14. Diagrams, tables and graphs should be drawn/ completed in pencil unless I am told otherwise. When labelling diagrams, lines must be drawn straight using a ruler. 
  15. I punctuate correctly. I don’t forget my capital letters and full stop.
  16. I don’t keep changing your handwriting. Keep the same shape and size. (I Practise cursive).  
  17. A pencil may be used for drawings or for rough work in the jotters.
  18. I miss a line to indicate a new paragraph.
  19. If I make errors they should be crossed out using a pencil/ruler.


  1. I must have my diary with me at all times.
  2. I must do my homework with my parents/or responsible adult and they must sign.
  3. All my homework and assignments will be completed on time.
  4. I spend the required time reading every day.
  5. I complete all the homework plan activities recommended for my grade.

On the corridors, in the Hall and the Computer Room

  1. I do not run overtake or push my class mates.
  2. I apply the rule to “keep to the left” on all corridors.
  3. I walk in a row quietly with my hands behind my back.
  4. I stand back for teachers and adults.
  5. I wait for my teacher to give instructions and not run off without permission.
  6. I wait and sit quietly for my teacher.
  7. I make sure I am always a good example on how to behave outside the classroom.
  8. I participate enthusiastically at all school functions because I am part of the team that helps to ‘grow’ school spirit.
  9. I do not enter the staffroom without permission. I know it is out of bounds for learners.
  10. I know that the computer room may only be used under the supervision of a teacher.

On the playground and at the gate and outside the school grounds (Refer to Playground Policy)

  1. I know that I may not leave the school grounds during school hours without the Principal’s permission.
  2. I queue in an orderly fashion at the Tuck-shop to facilitate efficient service.
  3. I play carefully and sensibly in the playground.
  4. I do not throw stones or objects at anyone.
  5. I obey the teacher on duty.
  6. I play on the correct playground.
  7. I care for the other children.
  8. I avoid fighting and or other violent behaviour.
  9. I look after my environment and the plants.
  10. I keep my playground clean at all times.
  11. I know that toilets must be kept clean and neat.
  12. I may not meet visitors at school without permission.
  13. I am kind and respectful to other learners.
  14. I promise to keep my school neat and tidy.
  15. When I am in school uniform outside of school I still keep the same standards of behaviour expected from me when at school.
  16. I wait for transport after school in an orderly manner.
  17. I practice safety at all times.
  18. I will not endanger others or myself.
  19. I remain silent when entering other venues for formal occasions.
  20. I know that all school rules apply whether on school property, or public transport, or when part of a school group on tour, or any other excursion, whether in school uniform or civilian dress.
  21. I am a good ambassador to CityKidz Pre& Primary School.


  1. I want to collect as many credits / merits as possible.
  2. I have one merit sheet where my teacher records all the good work I do and all my helpful and cooperative behaviour.
  3. When I have the most Merits I stand up in the hall and everyone claps for me.
  4. I am proud of myself and everyone is proud of me too.

Debit/ demerit

  1. I know that I am asked to behave in the way the Code of Conduct for Learners asks me to.
  2. If I don’t behave as we have agreed an entry will be made on a debit/ demerit side of the Behaviour Bank form.
  3. After TEN entries I will visit the Head of Department and then the Deputy Principal.
  4. The Head of Department and Deputy Principal may decide on a plan of action. Some examples might be:
  5. I may not be allowed to go out to break for a certain time. I will stay outside the staffroom instead or in the class.I attend a detention class on a Friday.

Action that may be taken

  1. I may not be allowed to go on an outing planned for my particular grade. 
  2. I may be isolated from my peers and class for an agreed period, usually no more than one day.
  3. I will be given the opportunity to reflect on my behaviour and complete the Thinking about my Behaviour Form.
  4. There may be temporary withdrawal of privileges such as a fun activity or playground games.
  5. My parents will be contacted and told about the demerits and the plan of action.
  6. If I am in a leadership position I could have my badge and/or title removed for a period of time.
  7. After ten more debits/demerits I will be seen by the Deputy Principal and Head of Department.
  8. If my poor behaviour persists my parents will be contacted and I will be suspended from school.
  9. Should my behaviour still not improve and there is complete defiance on my behalf, my parents will be interviewed by the Principal and SMT and, if I am not able to show an immediate improvement in my behaviour, (if I get further demerits), my parents will be seen again.
  10. On this final occasion my parents may be given a transfer card because I am unable to follow the Code of Conduct for Learners agreed by all at CityKidz Primary school.