Admission Policy




The admission policy of CityKidz Pre & Primary School is consistent with the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, the South African Schools' Act, 1996 and applicable provincial law.


2.1. The formulation of an admissions policy must be done with great circumspection. Although Governing bodies are empowered to, within the framework of the Constitution of the Republic of South African and other relevant legislation determine their own admissions criteria. It is accepted that CityKidz Pre & Primary School is completely autonomous in this regard and that circumstances differ from the policy of governing bodies of schools in terms of section 5 (5) of the South African Schools' Act, 1996 (No. 84 of 1996).  It is nevertheless realistic to accept that these policies are formulated within acceptable parameters and in accordance with the guidelines stipulated in section 5(1) of the Education Policy Act, (Act12 of 1998).

It is the aim of to ensure that the Admission Policy be applied to new enrolments at CityKidz Pre & Primary School.

2.2. An evaluation of the documents provided to us by the Gauteng Department of Education schools suggests that:

Admissions policies are therefore structured in such a way as to maintain the current standard of education provided by the school and not to compromise the ethos of CityKidz Pre & Primary School.

2.3.CityKidz Pre & Primary School:

  1. an environment is provided where the race, culture, religion and economic standing of the learner are in no instances an impediment to his or her access to, or progress in, any aspect of school life;
  2. no learner will be unfairly discriminated against, in terms of race, culture, religious belief, gender, financial circumstance or language within the parameters that CityKidz Pre & Primary School is a fee paying school for boys and girls where the medium of instruction is English;
  3. any learner admitted to the school is admitted to the total school programme;
  4. the admission of learners will be so managed that the school’s intake comprises the major demographic segments ( i.e. cultural, religious, ethnic and economic) composition of the community it serves without prescribing any predetermined quotas, numbers or proportions in respect of such representation.
  5. CityKidz Pre & Primary School will endeavour, as reasonably possible, to maintain an equal gender ratio.


Applications for the admission of a child to the school shall be made by the parent/guardian/caregiver to the Principal, and such application shall only be granted if there is a suitable vacancy to accommodate the child and the Principal is satisfied that:

  1. An affordability interview will be conducted by either one of the following; the Principal/ Deputy Principal/Senior Secretary/ or Financial Administrator.
  2. The parent of the child resides within the feeder area of the school.
  3. The child is of the average age of the pupils in the standard of joining as determined by the Government Department of Education. Any learner who is two years or more above the grade norm will not be considered for admission.
  4. The child is capable of being instructed in English which is the medium of instruction at CityKidz Pre & Primary School.
  5. The child has attained the required level of performance for admission to the school. Proof of previous education received a copy of the latest school report and a reference from the previous principal must be submitted with the application.
  6. No child shall be admitted to Grade One unless the duly appointed evaluator has certified that the child is school ready. Age of learners: A learner must be 5 (five) years old when applying for admission to Grade 1 and may not be admitted to a primary school unless he/she will have reached the age of six years by 30th June in the year of admission.
  7. Preference will be given to learners who satisfy the criteria and if siblings are currently enrolled at the school. Subject to all of above, further preference will be given to learners that:
    1. have a verbal command and understanding of English as a language, based on the School’s medium of instruction;
    2. demonstrate the greatest degree of participation in the four critical areas of school life: service, academic, sport, cultural activities offered by the school/s previously attended by them;
    3. will benefit the most from the subjects, activities and facilities offered by the School;
    4. show the highest academic potential;
    5. have a good disciplinary and general behaviour record and who will be supportive of the ethos of the School;
    6. have passed the grade immediately below the grade into which admission is sought. This will be a condition of final acceptance.
  8.  Waiting Lists: TWO waiting lists will be kept to record all applications with preference to be given in said order:
    Waiting List A:  for learners seeking admission to the school, and whose parents/guardians/caregivers reside in the feeder area; learners with siblings (brothers or sisters attending the school at the same time of admission); for learners seeking admission to the school, and whose parents/legal guardians work in the feeder area.
    Waiting List B:  for learners seeking admission to the school, and whose parents/guardians/caregivers reside outside the feeder area.

    ​Where a process of selection might need to be applied as a consequence of the number of applicants exceeding the number of available places in the School or grade for which application is made, learners will be considered and placed in the following order, except where placement in the School would not be in the best interest of the learner concerned:

    1. Learners whose proven record is such that they are clearly willing and able to benefit educationally and in other respects from the education offered by, CityKidz Pre & Primary School , as gauged in a personal interview with both learner and parents/guardian and official report card from previous school;
    2. Applicants whose proven record is such that they are clearly willing and able to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of the school’s educational programme as gauged in a personal interview with both learner and parents/guardians;
    3. Applicants in Grade RR at other pre-primary schools who have not yet been placed in terms of the above procedures, processes and criteria.
  9. Documentation Required:
    Parents/guardians/caregivers must present the following certified copies on registration:
    1. Signed Application Form completed in full;
    2. An official Birth certificate of child (unabridged);
    3. Immunisation Certificate of Child: proof that the learner has been immunised against the following communicable diseases: polio, measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus and hepatitis B;
    4. 1 (one) recent photograph of the child (ID size);
    5. Proof of residence (e.g. water & electricity account, a bank statement, a copy of SARS IRP.5, insurance, medical aid or rent statement with parent’s name and residential address printed thereon).
    6. Documents furnished must be no older than 3 (three) months old and any photo copies must be stamped and signed by a Commissioner of Oath with accompanying Affidavit.
    7. Proof of employment is required in the form of an official company payslip and/or certified letter of employment from the employer.
    8. Copies of both Parents/guardians/caregivers I.D. Documents, if applicable.
    9. Decree of Divorce/Divorce Agreement, if applicable.
    10. Last or latest progress report (This applies to all Grades as well as Pre-Grade, if applicable);
    11. A Transfer card when transferring from another school.
    12. In the case of foreigners/immigrants, a study permit from the Department of Home Affairs will be required, granting the learner permission to continue his/her studies in South Africa. A temporary or permanent residence permit from the Department of Home Affairs will also be required.
    13. Authority, duly executed by the Parent, authorising the previous school/s attended by the Learner to supply information concerning the learner’s academic, discipline and behaviour record.
    14. Any additional documents as may be prescribed by the School from time to time.


The payment of school fees is compulsory. The amount of the school fees is decided by the Board of Directors.

  1. Parents/guardians/caregivers are obliged to provide written agreements regarding payment of school fees and in all the prescribed school fees are paid in accordance with the directives of the Directors.
  2. The completed admission form is received on or before the advertised closing date.
  3. Registration deposit and the required Administration Fee must be paid before the learner will be accepted into class.
  4. Parents will receive a Reference number from the school via SMS or a telephonic message.


Based on the applicable legislation and information provided to us by the department we recommend the following course of action:

  1. All pupils should be admitted provisionally upon receipt of the written undertaking of the parent to pay the prescribed tuition fees;
  2. All parents/guardians/caregivers should be afforded a reasonable period to effect payment of tuition fees and to return the written tuition agreement;
  3. Should a parent not comply with these requirements, the parent should be held accountable and summoned to appear before the CityKidz Pre & Primary School Directors.
  4. We have, from the available information, compiled the attached documents for guidance of members. It must be noted that refinements and amendments will be necessary to suit the exact requirements of each individual family.

1.  Successful applications

  1. All successful applications are notified in writing via an sms.
    In order to secure the place offered at the school the following must be completed:
  2. The acceptance reply form.
  3. If all the conditions to secure acceptance are not met and the completed forms are not received within ten days of the acceptance being granted, the offer of acceptance may be cancelled. This is to assist the large number of applications on the admissions waiting list.
    The following documentation and information are included with the acceptance letter:
  4. Dates of new parents/guardians/caregivers' meetings.
  5. The Parent Code of Conduct and Learner’s Code of Conduct which include the rights and responsibilities of parents/guardians/caregivers teachers and learners.
  6. The acceptance reply form and conditions for acceptance.(Included in Registration form documents)

2.  Unsuccessful applications

All unsuccessful applications will be notified in writing. Applications placed on a pending list will be given priority should a vacancy arise.

3.  Fraudulent/incomplete Documentation: It must be explicitly noted that CityKidz Pre & Primary School reserves its right to appoint forensic investigators, members of the holding company or members of school staff to investigate suspicious and incomplete applications. Applications for Admission will be declined and deemed null and void where a parent is found to have knowingly submitted fraudulent documentation or statements in their application for admission.

4.   Obligations of the parents

  1. All parents/guardians/caregivers are expected to register their child/ren that are/is of compulsory school going age, at a school. Failure to do so could result in prosecution;
  2. Parents/ guardians/caregivers are expected to uphold the Parent Code of Conduct and Learner’s Code of Conduct which are not in conflict with the South African Schools Act;
  3. Parents/guardians/caregivers are required to ensure that their child/ren attend school regularly. The onus rests with the parent to inform the School if the learner is ill and/or cannot attend school for whatever reason;
  4. Both parents/guardians/caregivers will be responsible for the payment of school fees as determined and ratified by the directors of the School.
  5. Parents/guardians/caregivers are encouraged to participate in their child/ren’s learning and schooling progress.

5.  Capacity of the school: The capacity of the School is determined to provide adequately for the educational needs of all learners. The final number of learners accepted into the School at any one time may vary on the basis of specific enrolments per grade in a particular year, but shall in any event not exceed the calculated capacity by more than 2% in any one grade without the ratification by the Directors of the school of a motivated explanation from the School Management Team for such excess. The capacity of the school is based on:

  1. the number of teaching classrooms in the school
  2. the physical dimensions/size of each classroom
  3. the need to provide an educational environment which includes a subject choice based on educationally valid principles and the broad educational stimulus which is dependent on having designated, exclusive and appropriately developed space to accommodate specific learning areas, administration, co- curricular educational, cultural and sporting activities and facilities.
  4. the need to provide adequate ablution, toilet and change room facilities for all learners that are compliant with the Health & Safety Act and The National building Regulations.

Attendance at CityKidz Pre & Primary School does not warrant automatic admission into CityKidz Pre & Primary School l. Parents/guardians/caregivers of CityKidz Pre & Primary School learners will be need to adhere to the same and all admission criteria and registration procedures.