Policies & Guidelines

  1. As an Independent school obtaining a subsidy from the DOE we need to comply with the requirements stipulated by the Department. The School's Code of Conduct and various Policy Documents underpin the ethos of CityKidz Pre &Primary School - to create "a diverse, challenging but balanced learning environment, incorporating the academic and social foundations, for children who want to develop their unique potential within a structured, participative, supportive and nurturing environment."  At CityKidz we are all responsible in empowering learners and teachers by developing their individual strengths and enabling them to participate critically in the process of learning.
  2. The Schools Policies and Codes of Conduct is amplified by a set of school rules and procedures framed in terms of existing national and provincial legislation as required by the South African Schools Act and the Gauteng Education Department.    

It is also augmented by separate, specific policies which deal with processes and procedures.

CityKidz Pre &Primary School community commits itself to the advancement of learning, personal development and responsible citizenship.

  1. To further the interest, well-being and education of the learners enrolled.
  2. To foster co-operation and sound relationships among parents, educators, learners and non-teaching staff and between the immediate community.
  3. To perform such acts and functions as may be necessary to attain the above aims and objectives, and to account to all parents, educators, learners and non-teaching staff for such acts and functions in a democratic and transparent way.
  4. To accept and respect differences in learners, whether due to age, gender, ethnicity, language, socio-economic status, class, special needs, and HIV status.
  5. To understands that inclusive education and training are broader than formal schooling and acknowledge that learning also takes place at home and in the community, both formally and informally.

This commitment is characterised by:

  1. being courteous and demonstrating mutual respect for the beliefs, customs, language,
  2. individuality and property of others;  demonstrating social awareness and personal and social responsibility; service to others;
  3. using resources carefully and wisely;
  4. participating fully in a wide range of school activities;
  5. discovering and developing personal potential;
  6. supporting and encouraging others positively;
  7. embracing a lifestyle which promotes good health and well-being;
  8. adopting practices which will help to secure a safe and healthy environment for all;
  9. honest accountability and personal integrity