School Leaders

Our young, dynamic monitors serve as role models to learners and valuable, capable assistants to teachers throughout the year. Their actions embody all the values that CityKidz stands for: Discipline, Respect, Responsibility, Creativity, Diligence and Leadership, amongst others.


As a prefect of CityKidz Pre & Primary School, I pledge to:

  • value and uphold the Code of Conduct of the school.
  • be firm but fair in dealings with others
  • oppose any form of bullying or unfair discrimination
  • be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others 
  • be honest and courteous at all times
  • wear my uniform with pride
  • set an example by my good behaviour 
  • be helpful towards teachers, parents and school visitors
  • be helpful and kind to students in need 
  • participate fully in school activities
  • support all school activities
  • be polite, reliable, punctual and hardworking.
  • respect the rights of others at all times 

I will perform my duties with enthusiasm, diligence and a sense of fairness. I will constantly strive to excel and to improve myself in order that I may grow ever more worthy of the trust placed in me. Above all I pledge to proudly uphold the name of  CityKidz Pre & Primary School and all it represents.