Funky Factory

25 June 2020

Grade 7's , staff and "support" children helped spruce up our Funky Factory. Colourful shapes were painted and each shape was 1.5m away to ensure social distancing is adhered to . They loved painting, listening to the music and being creative.

Social distancing activities

24 June 2020

Our learners are learning about keeping safe through fun activities.

According to COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal

Hip hop dance session with Michelle

20 June 2020

The Grade 7's enjoyed a hip hop dance session with Michelle. All these activities on a Wednesday are important things we do to combat stress. Dance improves flexibility, coordination, balance, range of motion, stamina, muscle tone, strength and posture.

Voices of youth in South Africa

15 June 2020

AFP Agence France-Presse based in Johannesburg came to film a brief video that collects the voices o

Destressing during Life Skills

10 June 2020

Pupils at the CityKidz Pre & Primary School, in the Johannesburg Inner City, took part in a Yoga class, held by Dale de Klerk. The classes aim to create a relaxing and soothing environment in these stressful times. The children responded very well to the classes.

Our Grade 7s return back to school

01 June 2020

Most of our Grade 7 learners arrived at school today (33 out of 49). Our staff was ready to receive and screen them.

Covid19 Guidelines and Compliance

23 May 2020

CityKidz has followed all the guidelines and steps communicated by the Department of Education and the relevant Health Authority. We spared no expense to make sure our environment is COVID-19 compliant.