Intersen Phase Prize Giving 2020

07 December 2020

CityKidz hosted its the Annual Intersen Phase prize giving awards ceremony. With an African theme, our learners displayed their talents through dance and speech.

Grade 7 Farewell 2020

05 December 2020

The Grade 7 Farewell was a splashing success. The learners enjoyed a little sun, swimming and smiles at Happy Island Water World.

Graduation Grade 1, 2 and 3

28 November 2020

CityKidz is known for its wonderful year end celebrations, but due to Covid-19 protocols, we had to change things up a bit this year and host two separate prizegiving ceremonies in the Foundation Phase.

Mourning for the victims of COVID-19

25 November 2020

Today we embarked on three days of mourning for the victims of COVID-19.

Graduation Grade RR and R

23 November 2020

CityKidz held a three-part Graduation event for our Grade RR and R's yesterday. Graduation was platooned to accommodate the strict protocols of COVID-19. Grade Ra and Rb celebrated from 9h00 –10h00, Grade Rc and Rd 10h15 –11h15 and finally Grade RR– 11h30-12h15.

Culture insight study at CityKidz

14 November 2020

Our staff were fortunate to have the services of Gordon Cook. He conducted a culture insight study at CityKidz and conducted uplifting workshops with the SMT and staff.

Prizegiving after the Causematch fundraise

14 November 2020

On Monday staff had a prizegiving after the Causematch fundraiser. Mrs Kagan raised the most funds among the teachers, Miss Blokker and Mrs King were runners up and received Wonderbags. Mrs Dudu Moyo and Mr Lewis also received a gift for all their hard work organising the event.