Drummy squad

21 October 2018
Drummies training

CItyKidz has formed a drummy squad. The squad consists of 22 Grade 1 girls. On Saturday the 29th September the drum majorette squad headed to the Florida Albion Football Club to see other teams in action and to take part in a workshop. The squad were accompanied by Mrs Sane Moyo, Ms Fatima Abed and a special ex drum majorette parent, Ms Jeanette.  We were warmly welcomed by Damean Tibetts, the Development Officer of The Gauteng Majorette and Cheerleading Association. Prior to the skills training we were lucky enough to watch several competitions take place. It was fantastic exposure for our learners who stayed glued to their seats, watching every routine. After the awards ceremony we sat under the trees and enjoyed our lunch that was bought from the Florida Albion Football Club tuckshop. Skills training commenced soon after lunch and our learners were excited to be part of the flag group displays. Thank you to St Bernard Isaacs Primary girls who imparted much needed skills of marching, holding flags, pom-pom and non-prop (without any props) routines. A fantastic and educational day was had by all!