Konka 2020

12 March 2020
Konka 2020

On Wednesday 4th March 2020 there was much excitement within the Grade 7 group. The time for their annual leadership camp had arrived. 

The bus ride to Konka was a vibrant, exciting ride with Grade 7s sharing some of the many snacks they brought for the trip.
The excitement heightened when Grade 7s were introduced to their incredible facilitators, Tash, Jelly-bean and Moose. They jumped right in and did a few ice-breakers followed by a delicious lunch in the dining hall. Much fun was had throughout the day and ended off with a night hike. The following day a scrumptious breakfast was enjoyed by all, followed by many leadership activities and the most fun of them all, The Mudstacle course. The food was truly fantastic and the Grade 7s were extremely satisfied after each meal.
On Friday they ended their trip off with ziplining. This was great fun and enjoyed by all. A sad goodbye was said to all the facilitators and the bus ride back to school was very quite, a good indication of how much they enjoyed the trip. 

Thank you to the Grade 7 parents for their cooperation with this camp. We appreciate you all having jumped on board and trusting the teachers with your children.