Spring day celebrations and palette competition

02 September 2023
Spring day celebrations and palette competition

The week before the competition there was a buzz and hum of activity: sawing, sanding, chopping, nailing and painting. Everywhere you looked teachers, parents, learners and family members were as busy as bees.

Finally, Saturday 2nd September arrived. All hands were on deck, including our team of prefects, student teachers and maintenance staff. From early on, the smell of wood smoke made tummies rumble in anticipation of the braaied meat to be enjoyed later. To much excitement Papa Simon, Lloyd, Enzo, Reuben and a host of other eager hands set up the jumping castles. Parents started arriving with a dazzling and mouthwatering array of delicious treats.

The competition judges began their tours and while teachers held their breaths, ice cream was scooped out and slush puppies flowed from the machines. The feedback from the judges warmed all our hearts. The many hours of slog and furrowing of brows were rewarded with many positive comments about the innovative transformation of pallets into chess boards, stages, bookshelves, mini lounge suites and much more. Multi -functional designs were commended, especially the originality and lekker local flavour of many entries. In all, every single entry added value and beauty to our school.

The creativity and imagination of the maintenance staff, teachers, parent and learners in transforming ugly duckling pallets into beautiful swan creations was celebrated. Throughout the day, netball and volleyball matches were held between teachers, parents and student teachers. The home team battled bravely against the fiercely competitive parents who triumphed at netball. Spring Day 2023 was accompanied by CityKidz local DJ Sanele who played a mix of music styles with Amapiano dominating. Our very own rising star, En Es Tee and brother, Nomndayi wowed the crowed with their song, ‘Azawephela.’

While it was fun, fun, fun for the parents and learners, staff at the jumping castles felt a little left out of the main arena festivities. ( A big thanks to them for doing crowd control) Yes, it was tiring but the beautiful weather and comments from parents, learners, teachers, visitors, student teachers and prefects was that Spring Day 2023 was an astounding success.

  • 4th Place Grade 3a- Maám Cindy's class
  • 3rd Place Grade 6b- Mrs Gwara's class
  • 2nd Place Grade Ra- Maám Megan's class
  • 1st Place Grade 3c- Maám Isabel's class- The reigning champion!

Plus Maám Isabel's class bought the most tickets. An exhausted CityKidz team slept very well on the night of Saturday 2nd September 2023. Until next year…