Good sportsmanship is actively developed through learner participation. All learners are expected to participate in extramural activities, whether competitively or recreationally. Athletics, Soccer and Netball are great favourites in all phases of the school.

In 2015 extramural times will be integrated in our school timetable. This extramural programme will reflect our mission of the holistic development of all learners. 

At CityKidz we offer the following sporting disciplines:

  • Athletics
  • Netball
  • Soccer
  • Chess
  • Volleyball
  • Squash

At CityKidz we pride ourselves as being sports orientated. Our girls are energized after a game of netball. The physical aspect of the game helps to re-awaken the mind and the body.

Ms. P. Ndlovu (netball coach)

Soccer action

We pride ourselves on ensuring that all our learners develop, progress and achieve their potential in life. We allow learners to experience life beyond the classroom through active participation in soccer as one of our main sporting activities. The school has built a wonderful astro-turf mini soccer field. We look to many entertaining and closely contested matches on the field. At CityKidz we show our full commitment in developing the child as a whole.

Mr. Mlotshwa (Soccer coach)


The game of chess helps to equip young minds with the skills that they need in their daily learning processes. Among other benefits chess helps promote imagination and creativity, develops memory, improves concentration and develops logical thinking.

As a school, we want to promote these qualities in our learners, and through the game of chess we hope to achieve this.

Mr. A .Dube (Chess teacher)

Egolisquash and ABSA

A big thank you to Egolisquash and ABSA for affording our CityKidz learners a great opportunity to develop physically and emotionally through active participation in the game of squash within a safe and exciting environment.

CityKidz learners were introduced to the basic skills throughout the term. These included the rules, how to hold a racket, safety and the court markings.

Squash is a sport that can be played at any age. It can be played for leisure or as a competitive sport.

The following are some of the benefits of playing squash:

  • Increased strength and fitness.
  • Greater self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Increased flexibility strength.
  • Building hand-eye coordination.
  • Good coordination, agility and flexibility.
  • Better social skills and an opportunity to make new friends.