Classroom Activities

Something fishy

16 August 2021

Something fishy is going on in the Grade 4 classes! In Creative Arts the Grade 4's made 3D fish. Teacher Irene and Teacher Amanda captured the learners' attention hook, line and sinker!

A lovely "Show and Tell" experience

14 March 2021

Grade 4 learners were tasked with bringing an object that is value to them and talk about the object. A lovely "Show and Tell" experience.


28 October 2017

As we sail through the 21st century, technology in the classroom is becoming more and more predominant. 

As busy as little bees preparing for the Spelling Bee

19 June 2017

The Grade 4 learners among other grades have embarked on journey of a lifetime. Starting off with 60 words and moving on to a 1000. 

Natural Sciences and Technology

05 September 2016

Grade 4 learners making a simple circuit for their Natural Science and Technology as part of their technology skills.

Natural Sciences & Technology

15 May 2016

In Natural Sciences & Technology, Grade 4 learners investigate how materials and matter can change from one form to another. For example,from Solid to a liquid to a gas. The materials around us are at room temperature.

Rock Solid

15 May 2016

The Grade 4s brought their plastic bottles in numbers for the Ithemba Tower Project.They were all very excited to write their personal messages.The tower's messages are a way of expressing their collective hopes and dreams. The messages were about inspiring the nation.