Classroom Activities

International Day of Mathematics

16 April 2023

International Day of Mathematics, also known as Pi Day, is an annual celebration observed on March 14th.

Grade 2 learners learn about transport

03 September 2022

As we fly through Term 3, our Grade 2 pupils have been learning about one of the most exciting, interesting and relevant topics: “Transport”.

Creative Arts under the water creatures topic

03 August 2022

The importance of Creative Arts it helps learners to express themselves and develop their cognitive abilities. Children thoroughly enjoy arts and crafts activities, and it is important for them to practice these activities both at school and at home.


14 August 2021

A topic and theme we had started online, our Grade 2’s now had the chance to practically understand the different types of soils which we had been learning about, namely sand, clay, and loam soil. 

Musical instruments from recycled materials

14 March 2021

The Grade 2's created the most amazing musical instruments from recycled materials. They created a cacophony of sounds demonstrating the sound of their instruments. The spoke about how and why they chose to make their chosen instruments. Well done, Grade 2's you are all rock stars!

Letter writing can be fun

14 November 2020
Letter writing can be fun . The Grade 2’s were given a task of writing a letter to Santa as part of a Christmas themed activity for the Creative writing concept in English .

3D models of road signs

31 August 2020

The Grade 2's made 3D models of road signs. They are simply awesome! What a clever way to learn road signs - Safety First is Safety Always!