Classroom Activities

International Day of Mathematics

16 April 2023

International Day of Mathematics, also known as Pi Day, is an annual celebration observed on March 14th.

My Family

25 April 2022

My Family is a very important topic in Life Skills for the Grade 1s. Parents and family form a child's first relationship, they are every child's first teacher and act as role models on how to behave at home and school.

Prince Charming and Snow White

27 January 2022

On Monday we brought more of the fantasy to the Grade RR, R and 1 learners. They were thrilled to see Prince Charming and Snow White.

Dear Diary - Miss South Africa

06 November 2021

The Grade 1's spent time drawing beautiful pictures for Shudu - They are magical!

Cardio desk drumming

10 May 2021

The Grade 1’s grabbed some pool noodles and got moving throughout the day. Great for body, brain and so much more. Some of our learners practiced the routine using their desks , while other learners focused on using upper body strength to dance away and drum in the “Funky Factory“ .

Letter formation using flour, salt, sugar or sand.

25 January 2021

Teacher Fatima's Grade 1's practiced letter formation using flour, salt, sugar or sand.

Mother's Day

12 May 2020
Thanking you mummy for loving and caring for me, for teaching me how to do things on my own. You are forever special...