Calendar & Timetables


CityKidz Pre & Primary School

2022 School Calendar (subject to change – still during Covid-19)

Term 1


Monday 10th January

New Staff Induction/Staff meetings


Tuesday 11th January

Stationery hand out/Workshops


Wednesday 12th January

All learners return


Wednesday 16th March (Children)

End of Term 1- Close at 11h00


Friday 18th March Staff (Training)

End of Term 1 for Staff


Compulsory Saturday Attendance (22nd January) Tentative

Grade RR,R &1 Tea/2021 Reunion Gr7


Compulsory Saturday Attendance (26th February) Tentative

Interhouse Athletics- 26th February


Total School Days

49 DAYS – 10 WEEKS - 2 Saturday= 51

Term 2


Tuesday 05th April

Teachers and learners return



Tuesday 26 April Normal Time

All Staff and learners



Tuesday 3rd May

All staff and learners


Friday 24th June

End of Term 2- Close at 11h00


Compulsory Saturday Attendance – T1 Reports Parents

Parents/Teacher’s Day-09th April


Total School Days

51 DAYS – 10 WEEKS - 2 Saturdays=53

Public Holidays/Long Weekends

Friday 15th April (Good Friday) Monday 18th April (Family Day) Thursday 16th June (Youth Day) Friday 17th June (Special School Holiday)

Term 3


Tuesday 19th July

Teachers and learners return


Friday 23rd September

11:00-end of Term 3


Compulsory Saturday Attendance – T2 Reports Parents

Parents/Teacher’s Day-23rd July


Compulsory Saturday Attendance - All School Competition

All School Competition- 27th Aug


Saturday Attendance -10th September Tentative

Teenager Tea - Grade 7 girls 10th Sept


Total School Days

47 DAYS – 10 WEEKS- 3 Saturdays = 50

Public Holiday/Long Weekends

Monday 08th August (Special School Holiday) Tuesday 09th August Women’s Day

Term 4


Monday 11th October

Teachers and learners return


Friday 2nd December – Learner’s end Prize giving 3rd - Staff 7th

11:00-end of Term 4


Compulsory Saturday Attendance- T3 Reports Parents

Parents/Teacher's Day 16th October


Sunday Attendance -Male teachers- Grade 6 & 7 Boys

Mentorship- 30th October


Compulsory Saturday Attendance - Graduation Day

Grade RR, R and 1 / 26th November


Compulsory Saturday Attendance- FP 2-3 /IP Prize giving

03rd December


Total School Days

42 DAYS – 8 WEEKS- 4 Saturdays = 50



204 days

Gauteng Department Education Calendar for 2022

Gauteng Department Education Calendar for 2022 - Total Number of School Days = 199 days (202)

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

(10) 12 Jan – 17 Mar

47 (49) Days (10 weeks)

05 April – 24 June

53 Days (12 weeks)

19 July – 30 Sept

52 Days (11 weeks)

11 October – 14 Dec (15)

47 (48) Days (10 weeks)


Grade Grade Leader HOD Phase
Grade RR and R Maria King Mrs T Moyo Foundation Phase
Grade 1 Sane Moyo Mrs T Moyo Foundation Phase
Grade 2 Sibongile Hlongwane Mrs C Moyo Foundation Phase
Grade 3 Isabel Ndebele Mrs C Moyo Foundation Phase
Grade 4 Irene Kapena Mrs A Vorster Intersen Phase
Grade 5 Prisella Bhebe Mrs A Vorster Intersen Phase
Grade 6 Rudi Rheeders Mr B Mlotshwa Intersen Phase
Grade 7 Katherine Finlay Mr B Mlotshwa Intersen Phase

SCHOOL TIMES 2022 / COVID-19 (subject to change due to COVID-19)

  • ​All learners must be inside the gates by 7:35 each school day. School gates officially open at 07:00 each day. The school day commences promptly at 07:45 for all learners.
  • Late-comers will be issued with Behaviour Debits/Demerits. Please note this will be closely monitored. All Latecomers will sit in the pick-up zone until the second period starts as they will not be allowed into class and disrupts others.
  • Grade RR AND R learners finish class at 12:30 each day. They will be allowed to stay in class until 13h30 until the entire Foundation Phase is released.
  • Grade 1 and 2 learners finish class at 13:00 each day.
  • Grades 3 – 7 learners finish class at 13:30 each day.


  • Learners are given a 15-minute grace period at the end of the school day to wait for taxis and lifts home at the Pick-Up Zone.
  • Any child still at the Pick-Up Zone after 14h00 will be taken to Aftercare. A Fee of R30.00 will be payable. You will be invoiced for this at the end of the month or you can pay the fine directly to the Aftercare Supervisors.
  1. The bell rings at 07:45 and all learners will assemble at their designated points.
  2. Important notices will be made at morning line-up.
  3. All periods are 30 minutes long. Most subjects have been allocated double teaching periods (60 min) to obtain maximum teaching time and to allow sufficient time for tasks to be completed during the allocated period. This format limits movement from class to class. The extended times for the Grade 3's in the Foundation Phase was standardised to accommodate additional teaching time (focus on Maths and English) and to limit disruptions in that phase.
  4. On the last day of each term the school closes at 11h00 for all learners.
  5. The first ten minutes of the day in the Intersen Phase is used for administrative work, e.g checking registers, homework books, newsletters and collecting reply slips.