Classroom Activities

Mr Bear

27 November 2023

The sun shone brightly on the astro turf of the school playground as the Grade RR learners gathered excitedly, clutching their beloved teddy bears tightly in their arms.

The Senses "body suits"

17 March 2022

Our RR's made The Senses " body suits" from Checkers bags and other recycled materials. They enjoyed walking around the school showing off their recycled armour. Staff and learners was so happy to see them.

Grade RR and a discovery of Life Cycles in the Garden

15 March 2022

Grade RR and a discovery of Life Cycles in the Garden.

Prince Charming and Snow White

27 January 2022

On Monday we brought more of the fantasy to the Grade RR, R and 1 learners. They were thrilled to see Prince Charming and Snow White.


14 August 2021

Learning shapes not only helps learners identify and organize visual information, but it also helps them to learn skills in other areas including reading, math, and science. Learning shapes also helps learners understand signs and symbols.

Learning Covid-19 style

28 September 2020

Ouyr grade RR's are learning in a Covid-19 style. And it is fun!

First day at school

19 January 2019

Our little ones are settling in well.