Aftercare Policy

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Welcome to Kidz Zone Aftercare.

We look forward to a long and happy association with both you and your child/ren.

Whether you're a couple or a solo parent, statistics suggest you are among the majority of South African’s who through choice or necessity combine parenting with fulltime work.


  1. To address today's parenting realities by bringing to school-age children some of the traditional values and educational benefits of after school home life.
  2. To offer a safe, nurturing environment supervised by our teachers.
  3. To provide a fun-filled, loving environment where every child feels accepted.
  4. To ensure that homework is completed by the time you arrive to collect your child, this means there's none of that frantic catch-up when you get home.
  5. To ensure that there is a balance of work and play.
  6. To enhance your child/ren’s developmental needs: spiritual growth, challenging learning opportunities and physical activities for development and relaxation.
  7. To ensure that after your dinnertime at home there is quality time available to spend together as a family.
  8. To provide additional support to learners requiring support.


  1. Fees are payable in advance, on or before the first (1st) of each month, for a period of ten (11) months, starting on 01 January each year. The Parent’s last payment for the year should be received by Kidz Zone Aftercare by no later than 1st of November each year, unless this Agreement has been terminated in accordance with point 3 below.
  2. Please ensure that monthly payments reach us promptly. If payment is made electronically, remember that a transfer can take up to three (3) days so please provide us with a POP.
  3. Should you fail to pay fees in full by the first (1st) of each month, we reserve the right to immediately suspend all services without notice. The full fees payable, will remain payable by the parent to Kidz Zone Aftercare.
  4. Your statements will be sent out on or around the 25th of each month and this should reflect that you paid for Kidz Zone Aftercare services in advance.
  5. Children may not attend Kidz Zone Aftercare under any circumstances if their Kidz Zone Aftercare fees are in arrears.
  6. Children may not attend Kidz Zone Aftercare under any circumstances if their school fees are in arrears.
  7. A register of attendance will be kept daily, and the status of all Kidz Zone Aftercare fees will be checked that they have been paid in advance.
  8. Your child must produce proof of payment before entering Kidz Zone Aftercare if any payments are made after the due date.
  9. No refund shall be due for non-attendance. No refund will be made if, for any reason your child fails to avail himself/herself at the Kidz Zone Aftercare.
  10. Please pay aftercare fees into the school account and use your child’s/ren’s correct school reference number. You must however, include the K**** in front of the reference number: it is very important to put K in front of your child/s reference number. The K****: indicates Kidz Zone Aftercare. The banking details are as follows:
    FNB- First National Bank
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62549374974
    BRANCH NUMBER: 204109
    (RMB Corporate Banking Cape Town)
  11. There is a 05% discount if you pay the fees in advance for the entire year. (Eleven months)
  12. We will reiterate again that children may not attend Kidz Zone Aftercare, under any
    circumstances, if their fees are in arrears.


A late collection fee of R100.00 per half an hour, will be charged and is payable on the day. Failure to pay the late collection fee, will result in your child/children not being accepted into Kidz Zone Aftercare until the late collection fee is paid. If late collection occurs on a regular basis the Kidz Zone Aftercare staff have the right to refuse to accept your child at Kidz Zone Aftercare and you will need to make alternative arrangements for his/her care after school. Kidz Zone Aftercare will not be held responsible for the safety of your
child/ren after 17h30.


Kidz Zone Aftercare hours are from 12h30 ( Grade RR and R) -17:30 excluding school holidays, public holidays and some break-up days. 

Closing time is strictly 17:30.

Please be courteous and pick your child up on time, remember that Kidz Zone Aftercare Staff also have families waiting for them to come home.

Option 1: Kidz Zone Aftercare hours are from 13h30-17:30, at a fair rate of R600,00 per month for (ELEVEN) 11 MONTHS (Excluding December holidays) paid in advance every month.

Option 2: Daily-Once-Off. We will accept children on a day-by-day basis on a daily rate of R60.00. This should be deposited into the school’s account and your child must have proof of payment on arrival at Kidz Zone Aftercare. No child/children will be accepted without proof of payment. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH. Indemnity and Personal Information Forms will still need to be completed and handed to the Kidz Zone Aftercare Supervisors.


This option allows for children to develop healthy habits with regard to homework. We also offer an exciting aftercare program after teaching time. This is subject to change according to teachers on duty.

  • Fee Structure: 
    R600.00 per month
  • Times:
    12h30-15h00 - Arrival time. Lunch-as per menu
    15h00-16h45 - Academic work, Homework supervision as per Homework Timetable
    16h45-17h30 - Tidy up and pack away Collection/lift with taxi or parent
    NO HOMEWORK ON FRIDAYS - Structured/ activities-sport, play arts, drama, choir, chess, television and crafts


Lunch will be served daily with a drink. Please note the menu below is a guide of what your child/ren will receive in Term 1, however, it is subject to change. We will inform parents each term of the changes in menu.

The meals timetable has been structured in such a way that both the Foundation Phase and Intersen Phase children will be served lunch at the same time.

It is very important that we know of ANY allergies your child may have (ensure relevant information is filled in on the information sheet). Special dietary requirements will be taken into consideration (within reason).

Below is what you can expect with regards to meals in Term 1: PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL BE ADVISED BEFORE THE TERM STARTS REGARDING THE MEALS.

  • Monday - Spaghetti Bolognaise
  • Tuesday - Peanut butter sandwich and juice/hot chocolate (depending on weather)
  • Wednesday - Pap and stew
  • Thursday - Chicken and vegetable Shawarma
  • Friday - Hot dog and juice


Kidz Zone Aftercare will provide facilities and opportunities for homework. Homework classes will start at 15:00.

It is still the responsibility of the Parent to check and co-sign school diaries signed by the Kidz Zone Aftercare staff. The Parent must also check for any notices or messages.

The Parent must reinforce the work done and show an interest in the child’s academic progress. Kidz Zone Aftercare staff will monitor and assist your child with tests and project work. It is important to note that the teacher’s time is limited and therefore can’t be held responsible to check that the homework is done correctly, therefore, it still remains the responsibility of the Parent to check.

Foundation Phase and Intersen Phase children are separated during homework supervision.


  1. The Foundation Phase (Grade RR-1) children attending our Kidz Zone Aftercare will be collected from the teacher/supervisor/aftercare assistant on duty, until they become familiar with the procedures.
  2. In the Intersen Phase it is the responsibility of the Aftercare child to report directly to the Kidz Zone Aftercare at the end of school. Failure to do so will result in the child being marked absent and Kidz Zone Aftercare will not accept responsibility for his/her
  3. We will however follow up on non-attendance. If a teacher/supervisor is required to phone you to confirm such an arrangement, a fee of R10-00 will be charged.
  4. Each child is made aware of the area designated to Kidz Zone Aftercare and is instructed not to leave this area. Children who leave this area without the knowledge of the supervisor/teacher will be strictly dealt with.
  5. Kidz Zone Aftercare staff will not be held liable for any misfortune/injury that may befall them at such time. Please discuss the dangers and consequences of such action.
  6. Homework and recreation periods are controlled, and daily registers are kept. These are strictly controlled.
  7. When your child is collected from Kidz Zone Aftercare he/she is to be signed out on the daily register by a designated adult or parent. No child is to leave the premises without being signed out. PARENTS MUST SIGN THE CHILD/REN OUT.
  8. When collecting your child, please allow him/her a few minutes to pack away whatever he/she is busy with.
  9. Please ensure that your child says goodbye to the teacher/supervisor/s when you sign them out.
  10. Should your child be absent from school; Kidz Zone Aftercare MUST be notified by 8am on the day via email ( or SMS.( We will create a WhatsApp Kidz Zone After Care Group.)
  11. The Parent is requested to notify the supervisor if a child is not to attend Kidz Zone Aftercare on a particular day. If your child will not be attending the Kidz Zone Aftercare for 
    any particular reason, e.g. dentist appointment or going to play with a friend, etc., please notify the supervisors. The teacher/supervisors will not be held responsible for any child who fails to report to Kidz Zone Aftercare. If a teacher/supervisor is required to phone you to confirm such an arrangement, a fee of R10-00 will be charged.
  12. The Parent is requested to notify the supervisor if a person other than the Parent is to collect the child on a particular day. Please notify the staff by note, telephone or sms. Please note that if no notification has been received, the child will not be released from our care. If a teacher/supervisor is required to phone you to confirm such an arrangement, a fee of R10-00 will be charged.
  13. Please ensure that all your child’s uniform and other items are clearly marked and check that all items of clothing, etc. are in the bag when leaving Kidz Zone aftercare. The Parent is requested to check that the school bag / or any clothes that is taken is your
    child’s/children’s and not that of another child attending Kidz Zone aftercare. It is the responsibility of the Parent to ensure that their child has all their belongings. 
  14. We request that your child show respect towards Kidz Zone Aftercare staff. All children are expected to abide by the rules of Kidz Zone Aftercare which closely follow those of the Learner’s School Code of Conduct. The Behaviour Bank system will still apply. The Kidz Zone staff have the right to deregister a child who refuses to obey the Kidz Zone rules and procedures.
  15. Please ensure that all correct contact details are provided and updated when necessary. Parents need to understand that Kidz Zone Aftercare always has the child’s/ren’s safety at heart.
  16. No child will be allowed to join Kidz Zone Afterschool without current completed indemnity forms.


Supervisors Contact Details Whatsapp or email
Mrs Dudu Moyo 011 334 6631 067 635 4096 /
Mrs Busi Tshuma 011 334 6631 073 288 6556 /

Please note: Kidz Zone Aftercare is an initiative created by the staff at CityKidz, but it is still remains a CityKidz concern.

If you have any queries, please always address them to the Kidz Zone Supervisors. If they are unable to help you resolve any issues, they will consult the Principal.