Peace Meditation with Mrs Paula Plit

27 May 2024

Friday the 24th was no ordinary day among learners and teachers in Grade 2 and Grade 3. There was a sense of calm and serenity in the air as our learners were taking part in the Africa’s Largest Peace Meditation.

Subject Election Voting Day

27 May 2024

17 May 2024 marks a significant milestone in the history of CityKidz Pre and Primary School. Today, learners from Grade RR to Grade 7 voted in the school’s first ever subject election.

Speech therapy as part of our remedial lessons

14 May 2024

As part of our remedial lessons CityKidz aims to ensure that no child is left behind. We offer speech therapy through our close association with the Wits Speech Therapists. Wonderful, creative one-on-one support which is making a REAL difference in our children's lives.

Grade 2 Lory Park Zoo

10 May 2024

On the 26th of April a group of excited Grade 2 learners from CityKidz school embarked on an unforgettable adventure to Lory Park Zoo.

Grade 3 Lion and Safari Park

10 May 2024

On Tuesday the 30th of April, the Grade 3’s had their first trip of the year, to the Lion and Safari park in Broedestroom. What a trip it was! It was the experience of a life-time as our learners sang all the way, some with mixed feelings, and some expressing their fears.

Grade 1 Gold Reef fun

28 April 2024

The air was filled with laughter and excitement as the Grade 1 learners embarked on an unforgettable journey to Gold Reef City. With wide eyes and eager smiles, learners eagerly anticipated the thrilling adventure that awaited them at this iconic amusement park.

Netball & Soccer vs Danie Theron Primary School

27 April 2024

In a thrilling showdown between City Kidz Primary and Danie Theron Primary, our young athletes showcased their talent and grit on the field. Despite the intensity of the competition, CityKidz exemplified remarkable sportsmanship and grace under pressure.