General Knowledge Quiz

05 November 2023
General Knowledge Quiz

This year's General Knowledge quiz held at CityKidz Primary was a testament to the power of collective intelligence, sportsmanship, and the joy of learning.

While the event started slightly later than expected, it soon blossomed into a day of camaraderie, knowledge sharing, acceptance and applause for the young minds that participated. The quiz brought together participants from various schools and backgrounds, all eager to test their knowledge across a spectrum of topics. The contestants included Dominican Convent, Holy Family College, and the Pretoria Chinese School.

The audience, made up of Grade 7 pupils, Top 10 learners in the InterSen phase, and various Class Captains, was not just supportive but exceptionally well-behaved, turning the hall into a hub of intellectual excitement. The event began with an air of nervous anticipation. As the questions began, it was clear that the teams had come well-prepared. They tackled a myriad of questions covering everything from history and geography to science and pop culture. What made this quiz truly special was the way it transcended competition and fostered an atmosphere of cooperation. Participants from different schools shared their knowledge, and even in moments of intense rivalry, there was a mutual respect for one another's intellectual prowess.

The heartwarming highlight of the day was the resilience of the participants. They were undeterred by the occasional incorrect answer and instead used these moments as opportunities to learn. The audience, understanding the importance of encouragement, responded with warm applause, turning every answer into a moment of triumph. As the quiz reached its conclusion, CityKidz emerged as the winners.

The team comprised of the following members:

  • Grade 4 Deane Mlotshwa,
  • Grade 4 Eleazar Mazana,
  • Grade 5 Buhlebenkosi Ncube,
  • Grade 5 Nanette Chingono,
  • Grade 6 Nonhle Sibanda,
  • Grade 6 Favour Ugochukwu,
  • Grade 7 Oluhle Moyo and
  • Grade 7 Luca King.

Holy Family College came in 2nd place, 3rd place was given to Dominican Convent and last but certainly not least was the Pretoria Chinese School. The real victory was the realization that each participant had performed admirably, knowledge had been tested, boundaries pushed, and new friendships forged. In this realm of intellect, everyone was a winner.

The success of our first ever inter-school General Knowledge quiz was a testament to the power of education and the joy of learning. It reminded everyone in attendance that the pursuit of knowledge is not just about acquiring facts and figures but about fostering a spirit of curiosity and collaboration. A special thank you to our spectacular Principal and HODs for the meticulous planning that went into making this day possible.

With heartfelt congratulations to the CityKidz team and admiration for every participant, the General Knowledge quiz left a lasting impression: that the quest for knowledge can unite people, even when the answers are not always crystal clear.

Written by Ms Nokwanda Ndlovu