Spooky Halloween

01 November 2023
Spooky Halloween

What a horribly, scary, AWESOMELY, SPOOKY day.

Ominous clouds on the horizon, then the pitter-patter of raindrops in the early hours of the morning, set the mood for a spooky Halloween. Children arrived, incredibly dressed in their favourite costumes. Several girls appeared looking like Wednesday Addams, alongside Ghostface, Freddy Krueger and many others dressed as phantoms and monsters.

We had to change our well organised programme when we realised the rain was not going to give us a free ride. The jumping castles, Grade 7’s market stalls were all hurriedly set up in the Funky Factory. Our Halloween photo booth was set up in Mr Dube’s class. On a brighter note, we received news that loadshedding wasn’t going to be another hurdle we had to jump over. (Our area now falls under City Power.) The children were too excited to care and the rain bucketing down throughout the day was certainly not going to dampen their spirits.

In each class our Halloweener’s had a costume parade. They strutted their stuff, showing off their creative costumes. The children cheered and clapped for each other. The Halloween costumes were a great way for our learners to have fun, be creative, and celebrate the spooky season. The outfits were simply out of this world. It was also a great way for children to bond with their classmates and teachers. (Several children were unrecognisable and were mistaken as teachers and “unwanted” visitors!)

Teachers also came dressed in their costumes. Most teachers donned the Halloween glasses in support of the day. Ma’am Chan-Sam and Ma’am Fatima deserve the best staff costume awards. Although it was work as usual, we planned a day full of fun activities for each phase during their designated time slot. The Foundation Phase were treated to the magician Scuzzy. He had many tricks up his sleeve and entertained the Phase with his magical tricks and illusions. All children had a chance to visit the Grade 7 market stalls. They sold hot dogs, pizza, chicken nuggets, Halloween-themed food and of course sweets. There were also some more unusual treats and gummy worms. It was impressive that the Grade 7’s embraced this opportunity to raise funds and pulled out all the stops to run a most successful market day in unison with Halloween. Well done, Grade 7’s and their mentors and teachers. Ma’am Cindy’s group made the most profit! The children all had turns on the jumping castles where they were able to burn off energy and have some fun.

At the end of the day, the learners and teachers were tired, but happy. They had had a wonderful Halloween celebration. Even though it was still raining outside, it showed us that a rainy Halloween celebration at school can be just as fun as a sunny one! All’s well that ends well. It certainly was a spooktacular success!