Grade 7 Tea Party

20 April 2021
Our Grade 7 girls were treated to a very special tea

Our Grade 7 girls were treated to a very special tea on Saturday morning put together by Ma'am Vorster and her team.

Gizella started the morning with a fun movement activity and then introduced a compelling workshop. Tortoise, teddy bear, fox, lion, and shark ... We learnt about different personality types and that diversity is important for a functional, interesting world. Gizella encouraged us to be who we are and to value who we are. There is no one alive who is youer than you. (Dr Seuss)

Mrs Ronel van Wyk's address was about health, hygiene and sexual health reminding us that all self care is foundational to our well being and therefore foundational to our success. She made the point that self care is also about keeping safe in social environments and stepping back from risky situations.

A craft activity and table laden with tantalising treats made a lovely event, superb!

Thanks to all our staff for supporting and engaging with our young ladies.