Graduation Grade RR and R

23 November 2020
Graduation 2020

CityKidz held a three-part Graduation event for our Grade RR and R's yesterday. Graduation was platooned to accommodate the strict protocols of COVID-19. Grade Ra and Rb celebrated from 9h00 –10h00, Grade Rc and Rd 10h15 –11h15 and finally Grade RR– 11h30-12h15. All groups then moved onto the Funky Factory for a further celebration.

We certainly know how to "Make Lemonade out of Lemons." The world has changed, and we changed with it. We were adamant that our little ones would celebrate their special day in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s important to celebrate our successes and acknowledge what our little ones have gone through to earn their graduation certificates.

The theme this year was royalty and fairy castles. Proud Mom's and Dad's arrived and celebrated with their little princes and princesses. Staff were decked out in black, wearing crowns.
The three events went off without a hitch. Our little ones walked to the stage while wearing a cap and gown and a mask to pick up their certificates. Boys and girls all provided a short item to entertain parents. Parents ululated and cheered their little ones on. All events were truly joyous occasions.

It really was a special morning. A huge thank to ALL staff especially Mrs King and team- Katherine, Beaulah, Letez, Charma. Angie and the SMT- Cindy,Thembi and Dudu. The enthusiasm of all our staff contributed to the morning’s success.