Grade RR, R & 1 prize giving

27 November 2023
Grade RR, R & 1 prize giving

The Circus came to CityKidz today! Our school was transformed with the festive flair of vibrant balloons, banting and banners and circus-inspired decorations, while staff looked stunning in circus attire. As parents, teachers and excited little learners gathered, they were transported to the magical world of the circus ...

The air buzzed with anticipation and families took their seats in the imaginary circus tent. At centre stage: our Grade R, RR and Grade 1 learners celebrating their Graduation and Prize Giving.

The circus theme set the tone for an auspicious day that combined creativity and the spirit of achievement. In CityKidz tradition, each learner was honoured for their unique talents and accomplishments throughout the 2023 academic year. Our littlest CityKidz learners had also practised their songs and moves for weeks to entertain their parents and they did not disappoint. We are so proud of them. The atmosphere in our circus tent was filled with laughter, cheers and a few happy tears.

As the curtains close on this extraordinary day, the memories created will linger, reminding everyone that education is not just about grades but also about fostering creativity, camaraderie and a love for learning. It's days like this that strengthen the bonds that form the foundation of a supportive community and learning environment. Thank you to our Principal Mrs Reynolds, HODs, our parents, maintenance staff, teachers, and learners who worked together to create this memorable event. And, a special shout-out to the Grade R, RR and 1 teams for their wonderful work!