Registration 2024

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 18:02

The decision to choose the right school for your child can be a daunting task...Look no further!

CityKidz Pre and Primary School provides quality care and education to children from Grade RR to Grade 7. CityKidz is an Independent School which offers a higher quality of education. We are in line with legislation and the Gauteng Department of Education policy.

We are a little treasure in the heart of the bustling CBD. We are the only school in the CBD that has playground facilities and spacious classrooms. Our classes do not exceed more than 28 learners per class. You can’t put a price on a good education and our fees are very reasonable. 

We focus on a holistic approach to educating your child. We not only provide a solid academic foundation, but also offer a range of sporting, cultural, creative activities and an After Care Facility. Our school is the kind of place in which your child will thrive.

Teaching is provided by highly qualified and dedicated teachers. Your child is special to us and CityKidz staff prides itself on a nurturing environment by helping children learn to be confident and well-balanced. Our staff is capable of bringing out the best of your child’s talents and capabilities.

Our core values encompass respect for yourself, others, our school, our community and the environment!

At CityKidz we are also very fortunate to have supportive and friendly parents. Become part of the CityKidz family and register you child now.

FEES for 2024

  1. Registration Fee R650-00: NEW ENROLMENTS ONLY. This is a ONCE OFF – NON-REFUNDABLE FEE- payable for new enrolments only to secure a place at the school. This is payable together with the Annual School Administration Levy.
  2. ANNUAL SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION LEVY FOR GRADE RR-3 Annual school administration levy inclusive of Foundation Phase workbooks and Learner Support Material – R1,425-00
  3. ANNUAL SCHOOL ADMIN LEVY FOR GRADE 4-7– R1,080-00. The ANNUAL SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION LEVY includes a starter stationery pack, all exercise books, plastic covers, and coloured covers.
  4. At the beginning of the year ALL children will need to bring the following supplies for the year: 2 reams of Typek paper, 8 rolls of toilet paper; 3 boxes of tissues, 2 additional glue sticks (Pritt) and 1 packet of wet wipes.
  5. Pre-School (Grade RR- R) – Monthly payment R1,260-00 (11 months) Inclusive of photos, 1x trip and graduation
  6. Primary School (Grade 1 – 6) – Monthly payment R1,520-00 (11 months) Inclusive of 2x trips. Grade 4 – Camp 1x trip
  7. Primary School (Grade 7) – Monthly payment R1,650-00 (11 months) Inclusive of Konka Camp 1x trip
  8. Aftercare Fees- R650-00 (11 months) (Excluding June /July and December holidays)
  9. Please note that a child registered during any date in a month, will be deemed to have enrolled from the 1st day of the month wherein enrolment takes place.


  1. Registration and 1st month school fee must be paid before the learner will be accepted into a class.

  2. Parents need to receive a Reference number from the school via SMS or telephonically before paying any school fees into the bank account.

  3. Parent/s / guardian or person/s legally entitled to custody of the child will receive an invoice/statement at the end of every month.

  4. Parents/Guardians really need to regard school fees as a priority in order to enjoy the excellent services the school provides.

  5. All monies received are allocated at the school’s discretion.

  6. Children are allocated to classes solely at the school’s discretion. The school reserves the right to change, replace, and/or rotate all staff and/or to assign or reassign children to classes, without notice.

CityKidz Pre & Primary School is a private school and is not subject to the Government School Regulations.