Subject Election Voting Day

27 May 2024
Casting a vote

17 May 2024 marks a significant milestone in the history of CityKidz Pre and Primary School. Today, learners from Grade RR to Grade 7 voted in the school’s first ever subject election.

This morning, colourful subject stands were decorated with balloons, bunting and election posters. Vuvuzelas and drums accompanied the amapiano beats in a last attempt to sway the voters’ minds. Election spirits and flags were raised high. Slogans and songs like, ‘Who is the winning team?’ were given full-throated support by excited learners.

Then it was time to vote. Learners lined up at the hall where names were checked by CKIEC officials, distinguished by their white T-shirts. Notable visitors such as Michael Lewis and Pulane Faku from the Department of Education, attended the event helping to ensure the integrity of CityKidz voting day. Voters climbed the stairs and cast their ballots, in secret, in special voting booths. Thumbs were marked by Official Malume Andy, to indicate a voter had voted and a sticker for every voter was handed out by the Election Officials.

Back in class, all the learners could talk about was which team would win. Would it be English Blue? No, definitely Maths Red. Just a minute, don’t forget about Afrikaans Yellow and then of course, the Scientific Green Team. Finally, the moment arrived. The votes were counted, including some votes from sick learners who could not be at school but who did not want to miss out. With bated breath, we all listened as Mrs Reynolds read out the results:

  • Green – Sciences/LO
  • Red - Maths
  • Blue - English
  • Yellow - Afrikaans

Congratulations to the Social Science/LS and LO-Green Team. A well-deserved win. However, the CityKidz election is a victory for all.

This remarkable event is a testament to the hard work, dedication and unwavering commitment of the principal, educators, administrative and maintenance staff who have worked tirelessly to bring about a unique school election that plants the seeds of civic rights and responsibilities in our learners. A lot of fun was had throughout the campaign. More importantly, our learners were educated about congratulating the winner, commiserating with the losers and accepting the election result.

Already, every CityKidz learner has a head-start in life, having had this amazing voting experience.

Written by Tanya Chan-Sam