Classroom Activities

International Day of Mathematics

16 April 2023

International Day of Mathematics, also known as Pi Day, is an annual celebration observed on March 14th.

Reduce, re-use, recycle

04 June 2022

Have you ever wondered where that juice box, chewed up straw or sweet wrapper go? Most Grade 3s figured that was the easiest question to answer. In the bin, in the bin! They shouted with excitement. Then what? the teachers enquired further.

Life Skills Creative Arts Project

22 November 2021

Products and processes - From a tree to paper.

The Solar System

16 August 2021

The Solar System is a vast and interesting part of our universe. In our galaxy, the Milky Way, we find a unique constellation of stars and very strange and exciting planets. Our Grade 3s started the journey of exploring space in a spectacular way!

What inspires me

06 October 2020
What inspires me? ( WORK by Blessing Tshuma 3F and Bongani Masina 3A)


17 February 2020

The Grade 3's have been hard at work creating their own ‘selfies’ in Life Orientation. We are a really good looking bunch, as you can see. We used the medium of paper and paint. We are very proud of the end products. So, if you don’t see us through the week, you will see us on the paper.

Our Solar System

02 September 2019

The Grade 3 learners learned about our solar system by making a model. Well done guys. Your models look fantastic!