Classroom Activities

Grade 7 Technology

22 May 2021

Networks can be a challenge at times. Grade 7's were tasked to build a cellphone tower that blends in the environment. They enjoyed using their technology skills to practically solve the network challenge. Our top network companies would be impressed!

Learning about Measrement on our smart boards

03 June 2019

Eager Grade 7s excited about their Mathematics revision. A lesson was given to our Grade 7 learners to revise the measuring of angles and the drawing of triangles. They were overjoyed to be using the smart board and all it’s fantastic tools.

Creative Arts - Self Portrait

07 June 2017

Grade 7B learners drawing self-portraits.  This allows them to reflect on their own and others’ identity.

Creative Arts - Still Life

07 June 2017

Learners in Grade 7A learning to draw a still-life composition.  This is one of the most valuable basic skills an artist can learn.  This will help children gain understanding in the creation of realistic pictures.  Here learners are drawing from the seated position as they look at the items arra