Grade 7 NRF/SAASTA Astroquiz

25 March 2024

The competition was fierce as our learners came into the school hall, greatly motivated and excited.

Learners were arranged in teams of 4, including a captain. The role of the team captain was to make a final decision if the team could not agree on the same answer from the multiple-choice answers provided.

All the teams were formed the previous week, without any teacher interference. The teacher had practice sessions during the week to familiarise the learners with the Astroquiz format. They also answered previous question papers in groups as a trial run.

The TOP 10 groups would qualify to proudly represent the school in the next external stage of the competition. In the first stage of the Astroquiz Competition all learners answered 30 questions in 30 minutes from the 2023 question paper. Only groups that qualified went through to the second stage and answered the 2018 Provincial Level Question Paper. They answered 20 questions in 20 minutes. At this stage, two leading groups emerged. Both groups were tied, scoring 100% in both stages.

The two top groups squared up for a tie breaker of 10 questions to determine who would be number 1. Group One scored 100%. Group Two missed out by one question, scoring 98%. On the 11th of April 2024 the winners below will represent the school in the external competition.

Compiled and written by, Mr Richard Mathekga. Natural Sciences Department.