Sports Day

04 March 2024
Sports day 2024

CityKidz learners, parents and staff, their faces lit up with excitement and anticipation. Red, yellow and green shirts on the running track, gazebos, umbrellas, picnic baskets, coffee van, burger stands, shishinyama, even a slush puppie van, all creating a vibrant mosaic in the bright Saturday sunshine.

Sports day is a day when age becomes irrelevant, everyone is a winner and the shared thrill of participation takes precedence. As the starting whistle blew, cheers erupted: ‘Who are, who are, who are we?’ Eland, Impala and Roan’s war cries echoed across the field.

Athletes sprinted down the racetrack, with parents leaping into the air as their child took 1st or 2nd or 3rd place. Learners walked away from the judges’ tent, smiling and hugging. Fun was at the heart of CityKidz Sports Day. Enjoyment and cheers mingled as parents urged the little learners towards the finish line, then participated in the Totz races themselves. The food stalls provided delicious treats and yummy food, adding to the pleasure of the day. Congratulations are in order: Roan, we celebrate your victory. Enjoy your reign.

We at CityKidz know that winning is not just for the winners, but for every runner - child, parent or staff member - who stepped onto the track. The true victory lies in the courage to participate, to embrace the challenge with open arms and to revel in the joy of the moment. As the day drew to a close, our CityKidz community cleaned up all the litter, leaving Holy Family College grounds in spotless condition.

So, here's to the CityKidz community – from Totz to Kidz, to Adultz, who painted the day with joy. Here's to Roan, Impala and Eland, congratulations all. Here’s to the fun and the participation that makes CityKidz sports day an unforgettable experience.

Parents said it best: ‘Yho I enjoyed it. It was a wonderful family day. You remind us of our childhood days. Even if you are stressed, in that moment when you are there, you forget everything.’ ‘A beautiful fun sports day. It was magnificent. Food, refreshments, yummy and the weather was great too. Thank you CityKidz family for a wonderful day.