Grade 2 & 3 prize giving

01 December 2023
Grade 2 & 3 prize giving

As the school year draws to a close, the excitement is tangible in the air as the Grade 2 and 3 learners eagerly anticipate the prize-giving ceremony. This event not only recognizes their academic accomplishments but also celebrates the remarkable journey these young learners have undertaken since they first stepped into the world of formal education in Grade R, where the first brick was laid on a strong foundation. For these learners, the prize-giving marks an important milestone in their academic and personal development. Reflecting on where they began, in Grade R it’s awe-inspiring to see the great progress they’ve made in such a short span of time. In the early days of Grade 2, these learners entered their class with wide-eyed curiosity embarking on a journey of discovery. From learning the tactics of reading and mathematics to exploring the eruption of volcanoes and wonders of more science and Life skills, their academic foundation began to take shape. The nurturing CityKidz School environment provided by the dedicated teachers played a pivotal role in fostering their love of learning.

Moving into Grade 3 the learners continued to build upon the skills acquired in the previous year. The curriculum expanded, challenging them to think critically and express themselves eloquently and help them collaborate with their peers. The transition from Grade R to a more structured learning CityKidz environment was met with resilience and enthusiasm. Throughout the year learners were given opportunities to shine in diverse areas. The experience not only enhanced their academic knowledge but also instilled a sense of confidence and pride in their abilities. The ceremony serves as a reminder that every learner’s journey is unique and success comes in various forms. The partnership between home and school has contributed significantly to the holistic development of these young minds.

This brings us to the event. Our theme for this year being circus. Not to worry, this didn’t turn into one.

The air on the morning of 1 December was filled with electricity as the first of the prize winners arrived at school. Their faces beaming with excitement and a slight nervousness. All the hard work and practice throughout the year has lead to this one event and the nerves were being tested.

From one point of view, one sees only the awards and performances, but from another, you will see teachers, maintenance staff and management hard at work behind the scenes. From organizing the certificates to decorating the hall before the glamorous event.

The hall was beautifully adorned for the ceremony with red bows, gold and silver stars, red and white helium filled balloons and Chinese lanterns. These however, were not the focal point for the day. Learners sat eagerly awaiting their awards, wondering what they had received that envelope for earlier in the term. Teachers called the names in each category and with each a hearty cheer and applause could be heard all around.

The hall this year was packed to the rafters. Space was limited as we saw a record number of learners receive awards for their hard work. Awards aren’t easily handed out, but the learners had deep goals in mind for this year and they strived very hard to reach them. The learners were given the opportunity this year to take part in so many extra curricular events such as the Matific Olympiad, the annual Spelling Bee and the district competition for Life Skills. They made everyone very proud and reaped the reward of their hard work. Well done!

Some of the performances included a counting circus poem from the one Grade 2 group with props a plenty and another group performed a dance, which had the learners gasping for air as they moved quickly on stage. The Grade threes were divided between a choir who performed Callum Scott’s hit single – ‘Endless possibilities’ and the other put on a show about circus performers entertaining the audience with tight rope walking and strong men picking up ‘heavy’ weights. They started off the skit with two Afrikaans songs, “ ‘n Kar is ‘n ding wat ry “ and “Dis julle wat die wind laat waai.”

Lisakhanya Gwintsa from Gr 3C gave a lively and fun filled performance with a poem about the circus.

Parent’s excitement was written all over their faces and some even took unpaid leave from their work just to ensure that they could celebrate their children.

Congratulations to all the prize winners. Your hard work has paid off and we are all proud of you! A big thank you to management, the teachers and the maintenance team for your hard work and dedication to make this day a reality. Also, a big thank you to parents who have shown up for their children and who have walked with us hand in hand throughout the year. You make this possible for the learners.

Enjoy the holidays and rest well in preparation for the new school year.