Grade RR and a discovery of Life Cycles in the Garden

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - 08:45
Life Cycles in the Garden

Grade RR and a discovery of Life Cycles in the Garden.

Using the story teaching resource, The Hungry Caterpillar - our little learners made the discovery of what happens when a caterpillar spins itself closed in a cocoon and emerges after a short sleep. Yes, a beautiful butterfly! The learners took their binoculars and looked for the 'caterpillar' in our CityKidz garden and after finding her we then wrapped her in a blanket to 'sleep'. The next day the learners found the beautiful butterfly on the wall. They were so amazed and super excited to have Ma'am Fatima take their photo so the family could also be a part of this discovery! The story incorporates the development of counting, life cycles, food we eat, listening and speaking and recognising different colour skills.

Our little one's are also transforming as they learn and grow each day and take that step closer to Grade R. Learning through play each day at CityKidz!

Maria Grade RRa Fatima Grade RRb