Dreams come true classroom competition

16 October 2019
reading corner

Our learners competed in the "Dreams come true classroom competition", decorating their classrooms according to a theme of their choosing. The judges were absolutely impressed by the extraordinary effort made in creating such wonderful, exciting and motivating work spaces.

The judges spent a great deal of time assessing each and every class for the Dreams come true classroom competition. Their comments were incredibly encouraging. The competition was stiff. Here are some of the comments: Wall paintings and sports equipment well used to illustrate the theme and teacher dressed for the judging ; Fairy lights and stars made a big difference and impact on the theme; a welcoming atmosphere for parents, learners on the reports' day, the wall of fame is wonderful; children can engage with theme wherever they sit; the decor is absolutely stunning. Cultural attire, beads as well as pots; love the inspirational quotes; creative and fun; the space is exciting and conducive to learning; I love the creative classroom - I feel like sitting down and being creative; fantastic attention to detail; a visual feast; Nice African masks on wall and African ladies painted on cupboard; exciting display of children's work; an educational dream come true; water feature in class with flowers and tree ; love the astronauts; wonderful props; clouds - ceiling hanging decor so original - dreamlike environment; Spring reading corner; beautiful tree-stunning ; well-decorated with Lego patterns; the owl reading corner was amazing,warm and welcoming and lovely owl tins on tables; Neverland reading corner showed evidence of inspiring children; a beautiful fairy tale corner and so many more....