Grade 3 trip to Wits Planetarium

12 August 2019
Wits Planetarium

The Grade 3's came to school in the early morning of Thursday the 8th of August 2019, ready to soar through the solar system. Their first visit to the Planetarium, an adventure from Earth through space, saw them all at school prepared and very early, unlike other school days.
When we arrived at the Planetarium, they were very inquisitive about the setting. The magnificent planetarium building captivated our learners. As the lights dimmed and the journey through the stars began, the excitement among the learners was overwhelming. They pestered Mrs Cindy Moyo with many questions as the skies came alive on the dome theatre. 
It wasn’t long until the dark cloud of uncertainty which previously prevailed in their minds was gradually washed away. The presenter gave a detailed presentation on the planets which reminded them of what they had already learnt at school. The presentation showcased the arrangement of planets, position of stars and other interesting facts about the galaxy. They enjoyed the sight of the starry night sky which was new to most learners.
It was a great opportunity to see how the different planets look and their unique features. They also did well in answering the many questions the presenter asked, although learners from other schools seemed to be lost and not as informed as our learners. Field trips, when supported by learners’ classroom experiences, can serve an important role in engaging young children in three-dimensional learning and thus pointing to ways that informal science venues can work to engage learners in doing science. The trip proved to be an enjoyable learning experience for both learners and teachers.