Interhouse Quiz Competition

08 November 2019
Interhouse Quiz Competition Winners

General knowledge covers almost all the aspects human life. This knowledge is not specialized information on a specific topic; rather, it is knowledge about every aspect of human life –current affairs, fashion, family, health, and the arts and sciences.
Although it takes time and effort to gain general knowledge, many human characteristic traits and skills such as intelligence, problem-solving, confidence, and open mindedness are judged by the amount of general knowledge one has obtained. Moreover, general knowledge helps with personal growth, good citizenship, and a stronger society.

Our second Interhouse Quiz Competition was held in the school on the 07th of November 2019. Each house had to provide a team of eight participants with two participants from each grade. The team compositions showed that there was a fair distribution between boys and girls. We believe that education is not only about studying core curriculum – it must also be fun. The Interhouse Quiz brings this dimension to our teaching and learning.

The quiz was also exciting for the house members sitting on the floor . They were given the opportunity to be awarded points for their house , when questions were passed on to them, thereby involving everyone in the process.

Congratulations to Roan House for winning the competition!

  • Roan Duma Londiwe 4A
  • Roan Fumani Ntombekhaya 4B
  • Roan Khumalo Michael 5B
  • Roan Mkandawire Annabelle 5B
  • Roan Okonkwo Joy 6A
  • Roan Ponti Itumeleng 6A
  • Roan Nondala Thando 7A
  • Roan Hlongwane Lethabo 7B