Maintenance and restoration during the holiday

17 July 2023
Upgrading infrastructure

Helping to shape, develop, and educate children’s minds happens not only inside a classroom but also within the school environment. Making sure that the environment where teachers help children grow is well taken care of is part and parcel of our children’s development. Our dedicated maintenance and admin staff worked throughout the holidays ensuring that every area is well maintained.

Properly maintaining the school grounds is a year-round job. This holiday was no exception. Below are areas that received upgrades, additions, repairs or replacements. Painting outside some prefabs, fixing the backsplash in both senior bathrooms, painting junior bathrooms, collecting resources which were donated by Jenni Lewkowski ( trampoline, balance beam bar, toys, games, files, washing machine and books) and then sorting, allocating to FP classes or support class. Decorating and upgrading the support room with our new treasures and where our FP Afrikaans teacher sits during her admin times was another exciting initiative. Installing palisade bars under the Sandton steps. The Grade 5A class room underwent a restoration and upgrade; old floorboards were removed, floor then filled, cemented, tiled and walls painted. Black chalk boards were repainted in several classes. Unpacking and redecorating all classes under the hall. Providing ALL Grade 1 classes with new wooden desktops - the base is the original frame but desks look brand new. Installing a security gate at the security room. Touching up and filling up ground with cement outside classes under the hall’s entrance. In addition plastering walls and painting outside classes and fixing the steps. Providing "new" teacher’s desks (kindly donated by Wayne Plit) for four teachers. The arrival of upgraded printers was welcomed. Fixing a leaking roof with eco rubber and securing our flag poles.

All the above improvements help to create a wonderful, inspiring environment. However, this will only have a long-term benefit if they can be sustained and maintained by all of us.